Do I need to visit Grenada to apply for Citizenship by Investment?
No, you do not need to be in Grenada to apply to the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme.
How can an individual apply for Grenada Citizenship by Investment?
By completing required forms and submitting required documents.
Is residency required when applying for Grenadian Citizenship?
Residency is not required for submitting application for citizenship.
Do I have to renounce my citizenship to become a Grenadian Citizen?
Renunciation of one’s citizenship is not required by the Government of Grenada.
Who can I include in my application as dependents?
You can include the following dependents:
- Children Under Age 30
- Parents
- Grand Parents
- Unwed Siblings (in some cases additional fees applicable)
Is my money paid to the Government of Grenada refunded if I am denied the Citizenship by Investment?
The non-refundable government fees are: 1) Processing Fees; 2) Application Fees
What is the validity of a Grenada Passport?
Grenada passport is valid for 5 years and renewable for a further 5 years.
Can I add a newborn after I am granted citizenship?
After obtaining citizenship, you can add a newborn child within 12 months of birth.
Does Grenada have visa free travel to many countries?
Grenada has visa free travel to over 143 countries, including the United Kingdom, Schengen Countries, Russia and China.
How many generations can the Grenada citizenship be passed to?
Every generation after the original citizen.
What is the cost of adding a newborn child once you are a Citizen of Grenada?
Only Government fees are required for a newborn child.
Are dependent siblings required to live with the Principle Applicant?
Is it mandatory the dependent sibling be unmarried and without children?
Are dependent parents required to live with the Main Applicant?
What are the fees applicable for dependent parents under and over the age of fifty-five (55)?
Is the minimum dependent child age still thirty (30)?
Yes, it is.
Would a child be a dependent over the age of eighteen (18) who has a full/part time job eligible to apply for citizenship under the Main Applicant?
Is it required for a dependent child to be single?
If a dependent child is married or divorced, would he/she be eligible to apply for citizenship under the Main Applicant?
Married Dependents are not required to apply under the Main applicant. Divorced Dependents without children can apply under the Main Applicant.
What are the required documents for submission for dependent children?
See requirements here.
Can the daughter-in-law be of the Main Applicant be included?
Is the HIV test required for dependent children over 12 years of age?
Yes, HIV testing is required.