The Traffic Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) approves and issues Grenada driver’s licence to an individual who meets its requirements. The validity is for one to three years; as referenced herein. Grenada Driver’s Licence is renewable on the holder’s date of birth.

An applicant for a Driver’s Licence is required to be present in Grenada for the initial application process. An Application Form is to be completed and signed by the person who is desirous of obtaining a Grenada Driver’s Licence and the requisite documents are to be attached as follows:

  • Original or Certified copy of Citizenship Certificate
  • Passport biographic page
  • Valid Foreign Driver’s Licence – colour copy
  • 2 photos – passport size
  • Grenada stamps as determined from time to time. (Currently EC$1.50)
  • A health certificate ONLY for applicants over 50 years of age.
  • Application Process For Initial Driver’s Licence
    The application form (copy attached) is completed, signed and submitted to the Royal Grenada Police Force, Traffic Department, whether in person or by an authorized Agent. The application is examined and if in compliance will be approved. The applicant or his/her Agent will be informed when payment stage is reached; a local phone number is to be supplied. Traffic Department endorses the application and it is forwarded to the Inland Revenue Department (which also houses the RGPF’s Issuing Unit). After the payment of all fees and presentation of the Government of Grenada receipt an electronic photo is taken, and a card is issued.


  • Current driver’s licence
  • Licence fee is to be paid
  • Government of Grenada receipt evidencing paid licence fee.
  • Receipt for payment of licence fee.
  • Renewal Process
    1. Payment is made at the Treasury Department and a receipt is issued.
    2. Government of Grenada receipt evidencing payment of drivers licence fee is presented to the issuing unit of the RGPF at the Ministry of Finance.
    3. A Police Officer checks the records for the necessary verification.
    4. Clearance is given.
    5. New driver’s licence is issued in accordance with the fee paid.


  • Original or Certified copy of Citizenship Certificate
  • Passport bio page
  • Valid Foreign Driver’s Licence– colour copy
  • 1 passport size photo (must be on a BLUE BACKGROUND)
  • Signature of applicant must be on a White Paper
  • To be emailed to:
  • Fee to be paid and Government of Grenada receipt must be presented to Issuing Unit.
  • Renewal Process

    Agent is requested to administer the renewal of licence including the payment of the fees.
    1. Current driver’s licence
    2. Licence fee is to be paid
    3. Government of Grenada receipt evidencing paid licence fee.
    4. Receipt for payment is presented to the RGPF Issuing Unit and the renewed licence is issued in accordance with the application process.
    5. Administrative cost is applied.
    6. Licence is collected
    7. Driver’s licence is couriered to holder.

    Validity of Licence

    Grenada issues licence for either one (1) year or three (3) years (Note fees are to be payable for the respective years and Classes of licence)


    B-Class Licence (Eligible to drive cars, RV, SUV and CRV) - EC$100 yearly | EC$270 for 3 years
    C-Class Licence (all vehicles including heavy duty trucks) - EC$150 yearly | EC$420 for 3 years
    Administration Fee: EC$1350.00
    On completion, Licence is collected and sent to the holder.