Grenada Parliamentary Election Offices (PEO), issues Voter Registration Cards to citizens of Grenada at its Constituency Offices. These offices are satellite operations that are established everywhere there is a Parliamentary Representative, so the PEO has offices in the fifteen constituencies in Grenada. They are open daily and process application for Voter Registration Cards on a continuous basis. The card could also be used for general identification.

  • Original Citizenship Certificate

  • Official Birth Certificate or Passport

  • Marriage certificate; where applicable

  • Address in Grenada or Proof of stay in country for Commonwealth Citizens

  • Grenadian parents Birth Certificate for naturalized Grenadians

  • Local telephone number(s)
  • Application Process
  • Visit a Constituency Office and give documents to the Officer

  • An Officer will request documents showing proof of Citizenship

  • The Officer will interview the Citizen to obtain information needed for the database

  • A photograph and fingerprint will be taken, and the applicant must provide a signature

  • The relevant original documents will be scanned, entered into the system and returned to the applicant

  • Receipt is printed and given to the applicant and this must be used when the card is collected

  • The card can be collected two (2) weeks after the application is made

  • Issuance of Card
  • Two weeks after completing the process, the Voter Identification Card will be ready.

  • The applicant may be contacted by telephone to collect the card when it is ready.

  • Only the applicant can collect his/her Voter ID card which is delivered upon signature.

  • The initial card is free. There is a replacement cost of EC$20.00.
  • The Process

    The Process is 3-6 Months